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About Me

I am a blogger. A bride and a lady with a budget!

Oh man, its tough writing about yourself!! I go by Lola, LuLu or Lee Lee sometimes even Bees girl depending on whos calling me . I’m a very young 40 something bride working on my Soul Celebration (2nd wedding) with the man of my dreams who is 5 years younger then me :0) His name is Brian and he’s a doll! I have always been a DIY kinda girl. I am always about saving a dime and stretching my buck!  I even did a youtube segment on my YouTube channel called "shopping on da cheap"! So of course, when it came to my wedding I thought now this will be the ultimate way to test my skills of saving my Yen!!!
Honey, this it totally a challenge I am up for. I cannot and will not pay full price for anything!! If I can make it recreate it or thrift it then I will for sure. From a wedding gown to reception, decorations, invitations and more I will save, save, save!!
It’s the only way I know how to live.

I decided when we got engaged that I would not freak-out or lose my cool that I would allow my Divine to guide this process and save as much cash as possible so that me and boo can have a nice honeymoon and have a little cushion to grow our dreams. It’s crazy that people will go into debt to have a huge wedding with all the bells and whistles. Truly darling you don’t have to unless you want to. If you have the budget of 10,000 bucks or more this is not goanna be your kinda blog unless you want a good laugh.  This is for the girl that wants to make a magical day out of fairy dust from dollar tree. For the lady that will roll up her sleeves and get creative!! If this is you, hold on and be amazed.
My divine in meditation told me
Don’t worry about the how just be prepared for the WOW”
Now that is some good vibes for sure!!!
Lets make magic darlings together….